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Return to Health

Dr. Roy Ozanne, MD, HMD
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An Introduction to the book: Return to Health

by Dr. Roy Ozanne, MD, HMD

I want to share my inspiration about health with you. Many people have lost touch with what is possible in the realms of health. And without knowing what is possible, we lower our standards and we make choices that we may not otherwise make. We keep away our potential for health for short-term gratifications and short-term senses of security.

I’ve been fortunate to have a career in medicine for over 30 years as well as other experiences that have gifted me with an understanding of health that I find is very useful to share. My observations regarding health have come from the years as a scientifically trained biologist and ecologist where I have studied the biochemistry, the physiology and ecology of health from the small scale of the workings within cells and their organelles to the planetary scale of how life flows through the realms of our biosphere. I have looked at health as a medical doctor working with modern medicine both miracles of acute trauma care and the disappointments of drug therapy for serious diseases. I have looked from the vantage point of my own chronic and debilitating illness.

As a young man in my late 20s and early 30s I lost my health and it took years and the willingness to go outside the bounds of conventional medicine to regain it. In that journey I have studied many different approaches to health and observed many things that are useful and those that are not. I have seen miracles and like all who have seen them wonder why... and I have seen the absence of miracles and wondered why. I have been blessed to come across several great helps in my own journey towards health, mainly the research of Dr. Weston A. Price, looking into the nutritional questions:

Who’s healthy?
Who's not healthy?
What are the nutritional requirements and the nutritional principles behind health and illness.

I have studied the healing practices of Chinese medicine, Auyervedic medicine, and for me most extensively homeopathic medicine and herbal medicine.

It is through my practice of homeopathy that I have seen what one from my training as a medical doctor I would say is a consistent pattern of miraculous healing. Although as a homeopathic doctor I have been taught that this is the expected, the norm of healing.

Gradually, through these different experiences, I have become aware that there is a much greater capacity for health and healing than most of us living today have an awareness of and an expectation of.

And it’s a great shame because as I said, without the awareness and expectation of what is possible, we sell ourselves, our children and our grandchildren short because health is something that builds as is maintained generation to generation.

Every time we give away our health, we are giving away the health of others. Every time we build our own health, we are building health for others. We are all connected. It is not possible to maintain a high level of personal health in a world where disease is rampant. And this works on larger and larger scales – within a family, within a community, within a society, within a nation, within the family of nations – and these circles of health are all interrelated.

  • A healthy family makes it easier for the individuals of that family to stay healthy.
  • A healthy community makes it easier for individuals within that community to stay healthy and to increase their health over time within that community.
  • If health is declining at any one of these realms it tends to take people with it in the future. And all around us today we can see the result of having lost our awareness of our potential for health.

Each generation, in the last thirty/forty years, is becoming less healthy than the generation before. This is occurring in nearly all natural populations. Most all biological scientists would tell you that there are huge problems with the health of virtually every species of life on the planet. Rather than focusing on a gloom-and-doom scenario of how awful things are, I want you to know that each one of us who is alive is in possession of the potential for amazing health in all spheres of human activity.

That potential is to have a healthy body, a healthy mind which is creative, effective and steadfast, a healthy emotional outlook which handles life’s ups an downs and always returns to a joyful state with caring and cooperation. It also includes having an immense spirit which desires for the good of all, understands the power of caring for others, and shares the true connection to God -- or your concept of divinity.

This potential for health is carried within us in an interplay between our genes and our life. It is not just our genetics that carries our potential. For, as soon as we die, that potential is lost – forever – for us as an individual. And yet while alive, that potential is still present and accessible.

Another place where I have seen that is not simply a matter of genetics – those unfortunately born with birth defects. Often that has happened during chromosomal division forming eggs and sperms such that the offspring is born with a genetic deficiency or excess; but, in any case, a genetic deformity. These people suffer tremendously and yet when helped with the healing that is possible through a method such as homeopathy, the genetic expression that they have can be vastly improved.

Somehow, simply being alive carries, magnifies, or somehow interrelates with the genetics, the pure genetics of the genes in the cell. What is important for is for each of us to deeply understand and to contemplate is: What does it mean that my body, my embryo that I started with – the egg and the sperm that come from my parents – had the potential to give to me a body of amazing, robust health? The potential was there for a mind of an awesome intelligence, infinitely creative and powerful, and for a spirit that yearns for what is just, beautiful, and good.

This spirit guides us through our lives with a sense of purpose and gives us an emotional outlook that helps us through our reactions and interactions with life, always returning us to a state of joy, humor, good nature, compassion and cooperation. These are the gifts that we all have as our birthright. If we are not living this gift, something has gone amiss between the beautiful human genetics we were born with and the development into our mature selves.

What I’ve noticed is that what is necessary for this development, for this gift to be realized, three very simple steps that are being missed today. If we will carry out those steps, we can return an enormous capacity to this potential. We will realize it with our own lifetime and we will greatly increase the possibility in our children and in our children’s children.

Sages of the past have outlined seven major areas that need to be guarded and nurtured for this full development of a human being and they are all important. But the last three hundred years of our industrial experimenting and activity has made three of these of paramount importance for right now.

1. Food and Nourishment

Number 1 is our need to nourish our body, to provide this genetic plan for our cells the materials that it needs to operate. This is both during conception, gestation, and growth into an adult and for maintenance so that our genetics can continue to operate at their fullest potential. If at any of these life stages we have come up short on what is required, our genetics cannot operate. These shortfalls are most devastating during development because this causes lifelong limitations. It is such a shame for a child to grow up and have to live with the body, mind, emotions, and even a spirit that is challenged and limited from what it might have been. I think this understanding is one that many ancient peoples had and is why religion, social order and rules were so strong. It is why the Jewish religion had such strong rules about health and how to live. It is why so many religions recognize our body as a temple – the dwelling place for our spirit. For, if it is compromised, ALL is compromised.

Unfortunately, with our industrial revolution, many goods became abundant and we became complacent about what is needed to provide for the awesome health of a human being. We made the mistake of assuming that industrially prepared foods were equivalent to those that came from nature. There is no scientific doubt that industrially modified foods can not supply the health that food raised in healthy, biological circumstances can. Whether the food is wild-caught from the oceans, raised on healthy soils, or gathered from healthy, natural eco-systems – those products are far superior to the modified, industrially produced food stuffs of today. In our next chapter we will look in depth at this question about the nourishment required and about the potential that it bestows on us for our health.

2. Clean Environment & Biosphere

The next area is that of providing that of a clean environment in which our genetics can develop and function. A clean environment is one with an absence of a significant amount or damaging amount of poisons. Our genetic machinery was made to work in a clean environment. When our environment becomes polluted with waste products and poisons of one kind or another – these poisons affect the functioning of our bodies and the ability of our genetics to create our potential for health to continue functioning. Toxicology is the science of this dysfunction caused by poisons or toxins, truly it is the effect of poisoning. We must avoid poisoning ourselves; it seems obvious yet our complacency has allowed tremendous amounts of poisons to be released into our planet’s eco-system. Then we encounter these poisons again and again as they are cycled through the process of life on the planet.

An alarming lack of understanding regarding the interaction of different life forms on the planet has occurred. I suppose it’s a natural outgrowth of this industrial age where we have come to appear as humans to be less and less dependent on the life forms. Yet we are every bit as dependent today as we ever have been. It is the interplay, the cooperation of all the life forms on the planet that provide the clean air with oxygen in the right proportion, the carbon dioxide in the right proportion that allow us to breathe and have our lives. It is again this interplay of all of the forces in the biosphere that provides the precious water that we must have for our life. It is the same interplay that provides nutrient-rich soil, ocean water, or fresh water for the food that we need for supplying ourselves with nutrition. If any of these processes are interfered with, our life is diminished. We have interfered with these processes in tremendous ways that have caused interference with our health.

There are other more subtle ways that the interrelationships of life affect our health. The interplay of all of them is created by the different elements of life moving through their daily activities. These subtle aspects are every bit as real and ultimately as important. The functioning of our senses and the coordination of our living chemistry is dependent upon the symphony of the life around us in simple ways. If we take a human away from all sensory activity, he becomes ill and his internal biochemistry becomes out of kilter. If we remove ourselves from the proper day and night cycles, if we remove ourselves from the earth’s electromagnetic field, our internal chemistry begins to get lost. If we remove ourselves from the sounds and the beauty of nature, we begin to lose some of our mental, emotional and spiritual capacities as a human being. It is one of our needs for health that we have a healthy interrelationship with the world around us.

3. Genetic Potential for Healing: Medicine

The third area relates to our genetic potential for healing. We stay alive and all our life, every day through the ability of our body to keep us alive, to do the healing, to do the organizing, to do the chemistry of life and to keep our amazing, biological organism functioning day in and day out. The amount of activity, extremely careful regulation and healing of things that go wrong every day constantly is tremendous. There is in all places in the universe a tendency towards disintegration. We avoid that by the self-healing, self-perpetuating mechanism that we call our immune system, our health preservation system. In addition to daily maintenance, this system has the ability to overcome problems, challenges, injuries, and illnesses that befall us. When it is functioning at its best, this system has the capacity to return us to our robust state of health. Always, that is its goal; that is its purpose.

When circumstances arise that leave that self-preserving, healing system unable to complete its job of returning us to that perfect state of health, it compromises, it accepts something a little bit less. It operates from such an intelligent place, that it knows the safest things to let go of. Just as a really good housekeeper knows that if you run short of time or equipment, you can’t keep your house quite as clean as it was. You will make some choices about what is most important to keep clean and what you might let slide for the moment. Our body performs in the same way. This is what has led to the systems of medicine that exist on the planet and have been present in every culture in every society. We have a healing mechanism within us, and we want to assist that process. As human beings we have been able to devise means and methods to assist in many, many miraculous ways.

A Plea...

Here is where I want to make the plea that we correct our modern, industrial method of medicine. We have made tremendous discoveries, and like many other systems of medicine, we have learned some phenomenal abilities, gifts to help maintain our lives. With these gains have come mistakes. This isn’t the first time in medicine that mistakes have been made which need correction. Of the more famous ones was the observation two hundred years ago that physicians were spreading disease at an enormous rate because they did not understand the need to wash their hands between patients. Physicians didn’t like to be told that they had to wash their hands, that they were making a mistake, but eventually they changed their methods and it has been incorporated into our practice of medicine today.

There are two areas where we have made serious mistakes and need to correct them.

First Mistake...

The first area is the focus on relieving symptoms. We spend tremendous amounts of effort attempting to relieve people of the various discomforts of symptoms, yet the reality is that as we do that we degrade the health of the individual because we do not recognize how that personal self-healing mechanism works.

In fact, the symptom is an essential part of that self-healing mechanism. Ongoing, prolonged symptoms are only present when our body has come up with a problem it cannot solve. Pay attention to that: We have only continued, prolonged symptoms with a lessened health when our body has come up with a problem it cannot solve. A system of medicine that is based on recognizing this, looking carefully to see what is the situation that has overwhelmed the body -- this is important. Then the self-healing abilities and offering the help needed so that the body can solve its own problems allows the miracle of the body to start to heal itself -- and will restore that person to an amazing level of health that did not seem possible before.

So get this: when you have an illness pattern that is stuck, that is an indication that your body has run into a problem it cannot solve and it needs help. If it is offered appropriate help, it will solve that problem so that you do not live any longer with that condition. It is not dependent on taking a medicine every day. That is a sure sign that you are suppressing a symptom and your body has not solved the problem. For the body to solve a problem, it does not need a medicine every day! There may be circumstances in which we do not understand a way to solve a problem or help the body solve it and rather than die, we may choose to do something that helps the body cope. Another word for that is palliation; at that stage, true healing is not possible and we may choose to suppress nasty symptoms to allow us to keep healing or surviving or to even just cope with life. But we do so at the cost of the true healing that might have been possible.

So, that’s one of the mistakes of modern medicine: not understanding that we must look at the whole picture and to see, with the very least intervention, what we can do to help the body’s self-healing mechanism solve the problem it couldn’t solve and get back to healing.

Second Mistake...

The second mistake with modern medicine is that we are trying to assist the body with synthetic chemicals, which largely turn out to be poisonous. That’s a really strong indictment against modern medicine but unfortunately again, like effects of the physicians who weren’t washing their hands, it’s true. When we think about it, does it make sense that our biological organism, our self-healing body, which has functioned for millions of years on this planet, needs and would thrive on synthetic chemicals, which are known to be largely toxic to the biology of our cells? It’s not likely! Why not find, in nature, the very substance that is missing by the body, that it needs to restore itself to health?

There are human beings who have the gift of healing and of medicine that have the ability to find in nature that which can heal us. We all have different gifts – some have a gift for building, some have a gift for music, some have a gift for art, some have a gift for educating, for teaching, for nurturing, caring, for growing food – and many of us have a number of gifts. But amongst the healers of the planet, they have recognized that certain substances help certain situations and it is THAT match of the healing gifts of the planet to our particular needs that is the true gift of medicine. When we utilize this type of medicine, with appropriate substances from the earth, we avoid the tremendous degradation of our self-healing system that is happening today. Our modern pharmaceutical industry is actually degrading the healing capacity of our body and contributing to the burgeoning level of chronic disease that we have today.

In my 30 years of experience in health care, I have noticed in myself the developing capacity to see the potential for health in people. I think this is true with many in the health care professionals, that we have the ability to relate to people who are ill and give them a sense of confidence and hope. I experience this amazing feeling, a vision in a way, of people’s potential. It’s almost like I hear little bells out in the universe and see the immense possibility around every human being. Part of it is my scientific study and learning to know what’s possible, very much triggered by the work of Dr. Weston A. Price; but also in my work as a biologist knowing how healthy species have very healthy, robust genetics. Individuals of that species tend to be born with many special gifts.

We don’t expect a tiger born under good conditions to have diabetes, bad eyesight, osteoporosis and all sorts of problems like that!

In my work and in my own experience in the holistic paradigm, looking at a lot of different healing activities, I have seen a lot of healing from conditions that weren’t supposed to heal. And, so, for all of these different reasons, I see, sense and know this possibility for health that exceeds most expectations.

Interplay of Two Things...

And the more I think about it, the more I think this possibility comes from the interplay of two things:

The Life Force - the power that exists because we are alive. I think it plays off the genetics that we carry. The genetics are really for an extremely, exquisitely fine organism, person, human being. The Life Force playing on those has wonderful potential. And as I have studied and worked, I have seen things that I think really can help the song and dance between those two, which shift the balance. Life can throw in a whole lot of circumstances that the organism doesn’t handle well and we accumulate shifts like viruses in computer software or viruses in our own body, things that we don’t get over. And we can become quite wounded. Yet if that Life Force and genetics get some help, get some other music in there, some other vibrations start to be played. They can to an amazing extent start playing a different song and dance -- start healing things that had been degrading.

And that’s what I want to get across—the potential to shift the song and dance that we are playing out in our lives. What are the things that I see as important parts of shifting from being in a degenerating disease?

We really have two choices. There isn’t a stasis in the universe. We are either generating, creating, growing, developing, healing -- or degenerating, declining. And once we’ve gotten into the declining phase, that seems to continue unless there are circumstances that can turn things around. And those of us who work in the health care area – that’s our game. Let’s turn things around.

So of course I see what’s going on the planet, as many of us do, and because it’s sort of my profession, my calling, I’m not content to just speak about doom or gloom, the planet is dying, oh, isn’t that too bad! I like, “Let’s turn this around!” That’s what’s fun! That’ what’s exciting! That’s what’s interesting! That’s what’s exhilarating is to see things being turned around!

We can turn things around by relatively simple things, things which as human beings we really enjoy. So:

  • Turning things around with delicious, nourishing, well-raised food – it's a joy to do that!
  • Turning things around by helping people create healthy, beautiful, invigorating environments – it’s a joy to do that!
  • Turning things around by helping to find people’s individual healing ‘key.’ It's a joy to do that! I happen to do it through homeopathy. Some people do it through music; they do it through their understanding of herbs. Some people do it with their healing touch. Some people are gifted and do it through internal medicine or surgery. Whatever it is. But I like homeopathy or something equivalent to that, because it’s built into the system. It’s not built into internal medicine and surgery to rekindle the healing spark within the individual so that their body begins to heal everything that has gone amiss, at least the most important things. The body is not foolish – it doesn’t try to heal things it cannot or that aren’t worth healing. It heals the things that will make the biggest difference. So we want to wake up that healer within that’s gone to sleep.

That’s another way to talk about this, too: To recognize that we all have a healer within us. In Auyerveda, there is a name for that healer within. They don’t call it the immune system. I think that’s too limiting. It’s really the healer within – and they call it a woman’s name, Cara, I think, the healer within. And as long as she is charged, energetic and has all the supplies she needs to keep the house in order, our health stays good. When she begins to be compromised, doesn’t have all the supplies she needs, doesn’t get enough sleep, enough fresh air, enough time to do her work, is over busy, our health fails. A lot of the healing work can only happen while we’re resting. If we don’t rest enough, we can’t heal enough. It’s quite simple.

So, there are a lot of these aspects to: What does it take to wake up the healer within. And that’s what I want this book to be about: Waking Up the Healer Within.

And doing this is a planet-wide agenda.


-- From Introduction to Return to Health
Dr. Roy Ozanne, MD, HMD


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