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Learn to Build Whole Health Today with 3 Essential Foundations:  1. Food  2. Environment  3. Medicine. It's Green, Sustainable, Earth-centered: Whole Body Health.

If you’re tired of conflicting dietary information, diet programs that don’t work, medicine whose side effects make you sicker, defend against rising medical/insurance costs by choosing to build health throughout your whole body system. Find out how whole health programs can promote sustainability and green environments.






































About Us & Contact Information

Dr. Roy Ozanne, MD, HMD
Whole Health Programs


Office: 360-321-4116
Cell: 206-914-3810


Dr. Roy Ozanne

Dr. Roy Ozanne, MD, HMD
Founder, Whole Health Programs


5277 Country Lane - Langley, WA 98260
Office: 360-321-4116 - Cell - 206-914-3810

Whidbey Island, Washington

Medical Physician, Classically-trained Homeopathic Physician; Environmental/Sustainability Expert, Organic/ Biodynamic Farm Consultant, Nutrition Specialist in the Principles of Dr. Weston A. Price, Motivational Speaker. Founder, Sandhill School of the Healing Arts and Whole Health Programs.

Office: 360-321-4116
Cell: 206-914-3810

For a description of Whole Health Programs and Classes, see Home Page.

Dr. Ozanne and Guests
Dr. Ozanne & Guests

About Whole Health Programs networks...What we can do for you (formerly Gift of Health Network)

A network of individuals dedicated to restore the vibrant health and life that is your/our and our planet's birthright and potential.

We can provide... information, products, guidance, nutritional coaching, instruction, environments, to assist you in building health.

An Inner Design for Health...

We work with the understanding that all life has an inner Design for Health that is supported by certain essential Foundations for Health. As these foundations are restored to your life, your health and your life's potential begin to blossom. We will assist you in building these foundations toward whole, real Health.


Our mission is to help YOU restore these essential traditions for yourself, your family, and your community. In this way we join in the restoration and transformation of our planet.


Dr. Roy Ozanne, MD, HMD, medical physician, classically -trained homeopathic physician, environmental/ sustainability expert, biologist and ecologist, organic/
biodynamic Farm Consultant, nutritionist specialist in the nourishing traditional dietary principles based on research by Dr. Weston A. Price
www.westonaprice.org. Founder, Sandhill School of Healing Arts.

Become a Member...

If you are a whole health programs provider in the Northwest or would like to start a network in your area:

Contact Dr. Roy Ozanne
Office - 360-321-4116 or
Cell 206-914-2810


New! Support Our Educational Services Efforts!

Even if you can't come to an event, if you would like to sponsor or support our increasing educational services efforts -- or volunteer to help for an event:

Send contributions to:

Dr. Roy Ozanne, MD
Whole Health Programs
5277 Country Road
Langley, WA 98260

If you want to be listed on our website for your sponsorship -- or if you want to volunteer to help out with an event:

Call Dr. Roy Ozanne at 360-321-4116






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Dr. Roy Ozanne, MD, HMD
5277 Country Lane, Langley, WA 98260 - Office 360-321-4116 - Cell 206-914-3810 - E-mail
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